Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If You Work the Program...

Last night I was at my meeting and my leader, Judy said something genious! She said, "If you work the works. If you kinda work the kinda works." Makes sense, right? So how can we/I work the program better? I can use the tools! You wouldn't build a house without a hammer, drill, and saw (truth be told, I'm guessing about the saw...but you get the point). What are you WW tools? Mine are:
  1. WW calculator - have it on you ALL the time - at the grocery store, before going out to lunch or dinner with co-workers or friends, etc. - it's super helpful.
  2. WW tracker - Judy said something great last night - "You bite it, you write it."
  3. Scale - I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond (and used the 20% coupon!) they are inexpensive and take the guess work out of point calculation
  4. Plastic wear and zip lock baggies (not pictured, sorry) - they are great for portion control. But the smaller ones so you're bags or bowls will look fuller - believe me, it helps.
  5. Sneakers (also not pictured but I think you get it) - you gotta get moving - it doesn' matter how or where - get the shoes :)
What tools do you need? Do you have the tools to start? Do you have the tools to be successful? Get them and start! No excuses!
I'm off to Zumba tonight. We'll talk exercise later :)

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